St. Augustine, Florida: Is your Trivia Knowledge Saintly?

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St. Augustine, Florida: Is your Trivia Knowledge Saintly?


by Jennifer Jordan


St. Augustine, Florida may not be a place where all the tourists flock; it’s no Orlando and no Daytona Beach. But, having been around since the beginning, St. Augustine is one of the most history-filled cities in the US (read between the lines people, I’m giving you a trivia answer). It’s a city that is worth visiting, and worth knowing. Take our quiz to see how much St. Augustine trivia you know, and how much you have yet to learn.


1. St. Augustine has the honorable distinction of being what?

a. The Smallest City in the USA

b. The Oldest City in the USA

c. The Richest City in the USA

d. The city with the most Cadillac’s


2. In 1763, the conclusion of what war gave St. Augustine to the British?

a. The French Revolution

b. The American Revolution

c. The French and Indian War

d. World War II


3. Between 1784 and 1821, St. Augustine, and all of Florida, was under whose control?

a. Spanish control

b. French control

c. British control

d. Canadian control


4. In 1821, St. Augustine was turned over to the United States because of what treaty?

a. The Treaty of Paris

b. The Adams-Onis Treaty

c. The Thomson-Urrutia Treaty

d. The Treaty of 1818


5. What opened in 1938 in St. Augustine, becoming one of the patriarchal theme parks of Florida?

a. Knot’s Berry Farm

b. Disney World

c. Marineland

d. An outdoor playground


6. St. Augustine was once a pivotal site for what 1960’s movement?

a. Women’s Liberation

b. The Civil Right’s Movement

c. The Protests of Vietnam

d. The French Revolution


7. What NASCAR racer was born in St. Augustine?

a. Scott Lagasse Jr.

b. Kevin Harvick

c. David Andrew Stremme

d. Ricky Bobby


8. What city is one of the sister cities of St. Augustine?

a. Moscow, Russia

b. Aviles, Spain

c. Oslo, Norway

d. Beverly Hills, 90210


9. What beloved musician was once a resident of St. Augustine?

a. Ray Charles

b. Louis Armstrong

c. Elvis Presley

d. William Hung


10. The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park is one of the oldest attractions in the state of Florida. When did it first open?

a. 1850

b. 1915

c. 1893

d. Just a few minutes ago


Answers: 1. b. The Oldest City in the USA; 2. c. The French and Indian War; 3. a. Spanish control; 4. b. The Adams-Onis Treaty; 5. c. Marineland; 6. b. The Civil Right’s Movement; 7. a. Scott Lagasse Jr.; 8. b. Aviles, Spain; 9. a. Ray Charles; 10. c. 1893.


See how you did:


9-10 Correct: Terrific. When it comes to trivia, you are a Saint.


6-8 Correct: Maybe not saint-like, but you still did pretty darn good.


3-5 Correct: Nothing horrible, but nothing to proudly tell others about. Seriously, we don’t want to hear you bragging at the office water cooler come Monday morning.


Less than 3 Correct: St. Augustine just might ban you from the city. Sorry, talk to them about it.