Places Around American Airlines Arena

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Best Places to go Following a Heat Game
By Nick Jurkowski
We all hope that the Heat turn themselves up and take-off on a course to repeat as NBA champions. But, so far, the chances look questionable at best. As is always the case during a tumultuous season, it is helpful to have some good places to go after (or even before) the game to celebrate, lament, and speculate on the outcome of future matches. To that end, I submit to you some of the best places to go in the area around American Airlines Arena.
#1 – Finnegan’s Too: The Finnegan’s on Ocean Drive is a lot busier, with a lot more tourists, and that makes Finnegan’s Too one of my favorite places to go prior to or after a Heat game. The selection of beers is decent, there are pool tables, and the drinks are stiff and none-too pricey. The low-key, generally low noise atmosphere makes it easier to talk about the game.
#2 – Pogies Pizza: Only a half mile away from the AAA, Pogies is a nice, casual restaurant that has great food, good beer, and satellite TV. It’s a great place to go when you want some decent food before or after a game, and don’t want to pay the often-exorbitant stadium-food prices. Pogies also has some nice outdoor seating, which can be a welcome change to the arena atmosphere.
#3 – Wesley’s Sports Bar: Wesley’s is a bit out of the way, but it’s a great place to go if you’re in the mood to party after a game. It’s really half-club, half-sports bar, and it does both admirably. Monday nights feature football, while Tuesday’s feature music, often by local bands. Weekends at Wesley’s see a DJ spinning hip-hop, and often a crowded dance floor. It’s a great place to go to celebrate a big victory – hopefully this year will see a few of those for the Heat.
Well, there you have it – a smattering of choices (fairly) near American Airlines Arena. Root for the Heat, and don’t go thirsty!