NFL Trivia: See how Much you Know about Professional Football

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NFL Trivia: See how Much you Know about Professional Football


by Jennifer Jordan


Alright sports fans, it’s time to test your knowledge of one of the most beloved sports to ever step into an arena: football. Forget the rules for a moment, it’s okay if you false start or jump offsides, and focus on one thing: The National Football League. Take our quiz to see if you know all about the NFL, or if your knowledge is IN-COM-PLETE.


1. The NFL was formed in 1920. However, it wasn’t called the National Football League until 1922. For the first two years, what was it named?

a. The United Football League

b. The American Football League

c. The American Professional Football Association

d. The XFL


2. Who served as the first president of the NFL?

a. Jim Thorpe

b. Red Grange

c. Benny Friedman

d. George Washington


3. In the league’s first years, which of the following was not the name of a team?

a. The Providence Steam Rollers

b. The Decatur Staleys

c. The Larue, Ohio Oorang Indians

d. The Stay Puft Marshmellows


4. In what year was the NFL’s first “championship” game initiated?

a. 1925

b. 1927

c. 1933

d. Who cares? The championship game is really just for commercials.


5. By 1934, all but one of the NFL’s small town teams had been replaced by or moved to big cities. What team was the exception?

a. The Green Bay Packers

b. The Rochester Jeffersons

c. The Portsmouth Spartans

d. The Mayberry Monarchs


6. The AFL, originally a rival to the NFL, was formed by who?

a. Lamar Hunt

b. Don Shula

c. William Clay Ford

d. Ryan Leaf


7. What team has won the most NFL Championships (this does not include just Super Bowls)?

a. The Dallas Cowboys

b. The San Francisco 49ers

c. The Green Bay Packers

d. The Buffalo Bills


8. Which team has appeared in the most Super Bowls?

a. The Dallas Cowboys

b. The Pittsburgh Steelers

c. The Denver Broncos

d. The Detroit Lions


9. Only four wild card teams have gone on to win a Super Bowl. Who were they?

a. The Oakland Raider, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Denver Broncos, and the New England Patriots

b. The Oakland Raiders, the Denver Broncos, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Pittsburgh Steelers

c. The Oakland Raiders, the Dallas Cowboys, the St. Louis Rams, and the Pittsburgh Steelers

d. No wild card has ever won the Super Bowl


10. Who is the current commissioner of the NFL?

a. Roger Goodell

b. Paul Tagliabue

c. Joe Montana

d. Bud Selig

Answers: 1. c. The American Professional Football Association; 2. a. Jim Thorpe; 3. d. The Stay Puft Marshmellows; 4. c. 1933; 5. a. The Green Bay Packers; 6. a. Lamar Hunt; 7. c. The Green Bay Packers; 8. a. The Dallas Cowboys; 9. b. The Oakland Raiders, the Denver Broncos, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Pittsburgh Steelers; 10. a. Roger Goodell


See How you did:


9-10 correct: You definitely have a future in the NFL…as a fan.


6-8 correct: Though not undefeated, you definitely know your stuff.


3-5 correct: A pretty mediocre season; maybe next year’ll be better.


Less that 3: Ooh, well short of the first down.