Michael Vick: Making Us Sick

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Michael Vick: Making Us Sick


by Jennifer Jordan


Being based in Miami, it’s only natural that I write about the Dolphins; they, after all, are the home team. But, the recent allegations against the Atlanta Falcon’s quarterback and his friends have me so appalled that I feel I can’t quite keep my blow hole shut.


Still, I’m not sure how to address this issue without simply addressing the accused.


Dear Michael and Friends,


As animal lovers, it was hard to read the indictment against you without throwing up breakfast. As human beings, it was even harder.


It’s too bad for you that all dogs go to Heaven; you’re going to have a lot to answer to in the afterlife.


On behalf of all those revolted and disheartened by your actions, all that can be said is: Purnell Peace, Quanis Phillips, Tony Taylor, and Michael Vick, you make us sick.




The human race


Now, of course, I could be jumping the gun: after all, these men are innocent until proven guilty. But, this isn’t law enforcement reaching for a case: the amount of evidence is overwhelming. This is also not the system trying to make an example of Michael Vick, easily the most famous of the four. Vick is not a fall guy; the operation was based on property he owned and, according to the indictment, he was highly involved in the criminal activities.


Not only are the four accused of buying pit-bulls, training them to fight, conducting illegal business across state lines, and overseeing a competitive dog fighting ring, but they are also accused of executing dogs that did not perform well in testing sessions. These dogs were killed through the most inhumane ways possible: gunshots, hanging, drowning, being slammed to the ground and electrocution. Yes, insert nausea here.


The operation, called “Bad Newz Kennels,” is now bad news for Vick: while his teammates suit up for practice, he will suit up for court instead. On Monday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell ordered Vick to stay away from the Atlanta Falcons’ training camp. Good for you Roger; you’ve restored some of my faith in the NFL.


If convicted of ANY kind of animal cruelty, Vick should be kicked out of football for life. He should have no association with the NFL whatsoever. Strip him of his fame, relieve him of his duty, take away his endorsements and let his “glory days” consist of leading Cell Block D to the prison yard championship. Leave him to run away with his tail between his legs; it sure beats being forced to fight to the death…and getting shot, hanged, drowned, slammed to the ground, or electrocuted.


In the event that he evades a conviction, as those with fame and money sometimes do, the NFL should open an honest and thorough investigation into any wrongdoing; after gathering all the facts and evidence, they can decide for themselves whether a person of Michael Vick’s character is one they want representing the NFL.


Either way, the damage is probably done: no one will ever look at Vick the same and keeping him in the NFL will cause it to lose followers. He will be a permanent blemish on the face of football.


As overzealous as fans can be, when it comes to a choice between football and Fido, there is no comparison. Dogs, not sports, will always be man’s best friends. We will not be disloyal to the species that taught us loyalty.


Until the final outcome, we are left wondering what will be. Hopefully things will get decided quickly. But, if the court proceedings go longer than expected, and the NFL finds itself allowing Vick to suit up at quarterback, I will undoubtedly find myself offering this plea to all sixteen of Atlanta’s opponents: beat the heck out of the Falcons; win one for the dogs.