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Heating Up The Basketball Season
By Nick Jurkowski
With basketball getting its official start in less than a week, every red-blooded Miamian is thinking one thing: Can the Heat do it again? There’s always a lot of pressure on championship teams, because naturally, the only place they can go is down. Last year, everything came together – and the team wasn’t hampered by injuries. Shaq performed adequately, and Dwayne Wade dominated. But it’s a new season and, as every fan knows, each season has a different dynamic.
As Shaq gets older and less unstoppable, other players have to step up. Fortunately, the Heat are full of such players. Last year saw Dwayne Wade really step up and lead the team to victory (unlike Kobe Bryant, who never could put it together as a starter when Shaq was injured) and there is no reason to believe that he won’t do it again this year.
In spite of the uncertainty regarding the Heat’s prospects for the 2006-2007 season, every fan knows that there will be some great basketball to watch in a fantastic arena. It’s also nice to know that Mirage Limo is still here for you – and is still the single best way to get to and from a Heat game. Why worry about traffic and overpriced stadium parking? In a limousine from Mirage, you just have to sit back and let the driver take you there – all while you relax in a peerless luxury vehicle. Once more, you can enjoy a few drinks at the game without worrying about driving home, and as we all know, any game is more fun when you can imbibe a little and shout abuse at the officials. In this coming season, root for the Heat, and remember Mirage Limo!