Miami Dolphins Call Ginn

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Miami Dolphins Call Ginn


by Jennifer Jordan


D-day, to the football fan, isn’t a day when receivers and quarterbacks storm the beaches of Normandy, fighting off the forces of the Axis. Instead, D-day means one thing: the draft. D-day is the one weekend a year where college athletes storm the turfs of the NFL, hoping to take no prisoners and procure a lavish contract on a decent team.


The Miami Dolphins, an organization that has not finished with a great record for several years, is often sitting pretty on draft day: they usually have a high pick. The 2007 draft proved to be no exception: they had the 9th pick overall. With their first pick, the Dolphins chose Ted Ginn, Jr., a receiver and returner from Ohio State, welcoming him with open arms and open fins.


This pick was immediately the subject of some controversy, with those in the sports industry questioning why Miami opted to go with a receiver over a much needed quarterback. The fact that Brady Quinn, a stellar quarterback from Notre Dame, was still available only fueled the controversial fire. Nonetheless, the Dolphins made their choice, putting their hopes in the hands of someone with, luckily, very good hands.


Ted Ginn, Jr. was born on April 12, 1985; he grew up in Cleveland as a coach’s son and won a national championship in the 110 meter hurdles. He also excelled in high school football. Despite winning the 2004 USA Today Defensive Player of the year, Ginn joined the Ohio Buckeyes as an offensive player.


During his freshman year, he finished with 25 receptions for 359 yards and two touchdowns; 113 rushing yards and two touchdowns; and an average of 25.6 yard per punt return and four touchdowns. His punt return average was the best in the nation.


Ginn became a Buckeye’s starter during his sophomore year, where he finished the season with 51 receptions for 803 yards and four touchdowns and 43 returns for 782 yards. The next season his name was uttered in Heisman Trophy discussions, as he was a second team All-American, finishing with 59 catches for 781 yards and 706 yards and two touchdowns on returns. In the 2007 National Championship game, Ginn took the opening kickoff back 92 yards and scored a touchdown. He, however, got injured while celebrating and had to leave the game.


Ginn’s college career ended with him obtaining the Big 10 record of 900 yards on 64 punt returns and most punt returns for touchdowns at six. He also returned 38 kickoffs for 1012 yards, had 1943 yards receiving, and 213 yards rushing. He ended his time at Ohio State with 26 touchdowns scored.


What Ginn’s career for the Miami Dolphins holds is yet to be determined. With his speed – he is thought to be the fastest player in the draft – and his raw athleticism, Miami is hoping that anything is possible. They are hoping Ginn helps them go fishing for a title.