Making the Most of Your Valentine Day Plans

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Making the Most of Your Valentine’s Day Plans


by Jennifer Jordan


Ah, the season of love is upon us. For anyone who has been struck by Cupid’s arrow, the countdown to Valentines Day has begun. A bright spot in an otherwise boring month, Valentine’s Day is a time to spoil the one you love. If you’re not sure how to do this, try the following:


Rent a Limo: Unless you truly maintain a lifestyle of the rich and famous (eat your heart out, Robin Leech), you probably don’t travel around in a limo everyday. A Plymouth yes, a limo no. Still, few things are as romantic as a limo and few days are as suitable to rent one than Valentine’s Day. Not only does a limo take away the chaos of parking, driving, and figuring out directions, but it allows a couple to take advantage of a spacious and romantic vehicle. Just be sure to ask the chauffer to keep the partition up.


Go somewhere a little too expensive: Eating at an expensive restaurant might not be something you can afford to do everyday. Luckily for you, Valentines only comes once a year. Instead of going to the same old “affordable” places, make Valentine’s Day one where you splurge. Go to a restaurant that is five star, that has a dress code, or that serves alligator.


Splurge on a good bottle: There’s wine, then there’s good wine: it doesn’t take a wine collector – or a professional drinker – to know the difference. For people who aren’t self proclaimed wine snobs, those who drink from time to time but don’t mind if the wine comes from a box, a good bottle of wine isn’t probably purchased very often. If you purchase one on Valentine’s Day, however, you might be surprised by its romantic abilities, and its flavor.


Do Something you’ve been promising: Sure, you make promises to your spouse: you’ll take out the garbage, you’ll fix the leaky faucet, you’ll go to a football game. But, like the old adage says, many promises are made to be broken. Instead of just letting them break, use Valentines Day to keep your word. Clean the house, make dinner, go to the opera, or paint the garage. Surprise your spouse by keeping a promise you made a long time ago.


Remember the staples: So, you’ve rented a limo and you’ve made reservations at the hottest restaurant in town, now you just need to get the necessities. That’s right, Valentines Day comes with necessities. Even if you’ve gone all out, keep in mind that sometimes the simplest things mean the most. A dozen roses, a teddy bear, and a box of chocolate can do wonders that no amount of anything else can.