Guide to Miami Beach

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Guide to Miami Beach
With so much talk spent on talking about what to do during Miami’s famous nights, I realize that hardly any time has been spent on things to do during the day, while you are recovering from the night before and waiting to go out again. Naturally, one of the most impressive things about the Miami Beach area is…the beaches. Keeping this in mind, I have assembled a list of some of my favorite Miami-area beaches (and what makes them so good).
The vast majority of the beaches in Miami are along the eastern edge of the series of keys that run down south Florida’s eastern coast. They will all feature as much sand and as many beautiful people as you could ever want, so I will focus on some of their more unique features.
For example, Haulover Beach Park is one of the northern beaches, and features fantastic amenities, such as a nine-hole golf course and tennis courts, as well as a clothing-optional section. There are also tunnels connecting the park with the marina, in case you get the urge to charter a boat.
At the southernmost tip of Key Biscayne, you will find Bill Baggs Cape Florida Park. This is a great place to go for a bit of relaxation, featuring a lot of walking and bicycle trails. There is also a historic lighthouse which is interesting, provided maritime history piques your curiosity.
As far as stereotypical, super-crowded Miami beaches go, head to Central Miami Beach. There is a raised boardwalk over the dunes that is always packed with people jogging or on rollerblades, and the beach itself is always swarming with the beautiful Miami public.
This is only a fraction of the beaches that are available, but they are definitely some of my favorites. Check them out – you have to get some sun before heading back into the artificial black light of the clubs.