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Best Songs to Fly By
by Jennifer Jordan
Barring a geographical recreation of Pangaea, those of you who travel to far away destinations likely choose to fly. This may be the quickest route of travel, but it can also be one of the most boring: the in-flight magazines are lousy reading, the alcoholic beverages are costly, and passengers in adjoining seats typically don’t want to converse, fearing that they will say the wrong thing and be asked to leave. For all these reasons, the avid travelers among you may often pass the time listening to music. The following is a list of some of the best songs for flying the friendly skies.
Leaving on a Jet Plane by Chantal Kreviazuk– One of the best flying songs of all time,Leaving on a Jet Plane tells the world that your bags are packed and you are ready to go. While this song is covered by several artists, Kreviazuk gets the nod because of the uniqueness and beauty of her version. Plus, including a John Denver version on a list about flying is just flat out bad karma.
Rocket Man by Elton John – So you might not be in an actual rocket, but with a little imagination, and a Bloody Mary or two, you can easily pretend. Elton John’s Rocket Man is among his greatest hits, a song that really captures his caliber of talent; no matter how many time you listen, it‘s gonna be a long, long time until it gets old.
High Enough by Damn Yankees – Ah, High enough. Something everyone who flies hopes to be. This song is arguably the best one the Damn Yankees ever released. It couples remnants from the “Monster Ballad” era with a bit of good old fashioned love song. Oh yes, it’s damn good.
Heavin’ on a Jet Plane by Bob Rivers – A man known for musical parodies, Bob Rivers’Heaving on a Jet Plane is a song that brilliantly captures the discomfort of flying. This song is particularly suitable for people who get motion sickness or ingest airline food.
Major Tom by Peter Schilling – When the Earth’s below you and you’re drifting, falling (don’t worry, the landing gear is down) there is no better song than Major Tom. Also known as Coming Home, this is a great song to listen to on a return trip. 4, 3, 2, 1……
Time for Me to Flyby REO Speedwagon – Even a wagon full of speed isn’t fast enough for this band; they know when they need to take a plane. Time for me to Fly is a song that is fun on land, but makes even more sense in the air.
High on You by Survivor – The band that brought you the theme songs to The Karate Kid andRocky, can also bring you a theme song to Your Flight. High on You might be talking about a different kind of high, but the song is so great that you probably won’t mind. Listening to a song by a band named Survivor may be particularly good for those afraid of flying.
Higher and Higher by Jackie Wilson – A song that spent 12 weeks on Billboard’s Top 40,Higher and Higher is a good, old fashioned fun song. Sung by a member of the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame, listening to Jackie Wilson’s songs are sure to take you higher and higher, at least up to 30,000 feet.
Including any of the above songs on your MP3 player, your IPOD, or – for those of you still living in 1989 – your mixed tape, is sure to make the trip a little quicker and a little more entertaining. If these songs aren’t available, then just include any song by Jet.