Florida Marlins Trivia: Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

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Florida Marlins Trivia: Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy


by Jennifer Jordan


The Florida Marlins are a team of ironies: they are young, but filled with history. Already having won two World Series, these fish have set the precedent for other young teams to follow. Nonetheless, this is a team that has been built, dismantled, and rebuilt again. This makes it hard to keep up with who’s on first, and all the other bases. Only those who truly know sports history may know the history of the Florida Marlins. Take our quiz to see how much you know.


1. Who was the Florida Marlins first manager?

a. Rene Lachemann

b. Tony La Russa

c. Don Baylor

d. Tom Landry


2. On what date did the Florida Marlins win their first game?

a. April 3, 1992

b. April 5, 1993

c. April 7, 1994

d. They haven’t won any games yet


3. During the Florida Marlins first victory, one of their players went 4 for 4. Who was it?

a. Gary Sheffield

b. Bobby Bonilla

c. Jeff Conine

d. Ty Cobb


4. On May 11, 1996, who pitched the first no-hitter in Florida Marlins history?

a. Kevin Brown

b. Al Leiter

c. Josh Beckett

d. Cy Young


5. When the Florida Marlins won their first world series in 1997 against the Cleveland Indians, what player crossed home plate to score the winning run?

a. Edgar Renteria

b. Craig Counsell

c. Moises Alou

d. Lou Gherig


6. Following the World Series victory, the Florida Marlins were dismantled and many players were traded. What did the Florida fans call this?

a. a Fire Sale

b. Black Monday

c. The Fin-nish

d. Crappy


7. In 1998, the Florida Marlins became the only team in major league history to do what?

a. Win back to back championships

b. Lose 100 games after winning the World Series

c. Fail to win 30 games in a season

d. Win the Super Bowl


8. In the 2003 World Series, the Florida Marlins won by defeating what heavily favored team?

a. The Cleveland Indians

b. The Boston Red Sox

c. The New York Yankees

d. The Colorado Rockies


9. What Florida Marlin was named MVP of the 2003 World Series?

a. Kevin Brown

b. Josh Beckett

c. Gary Sheffield

d. Daunte Culpepper


10. The Florida Marlins are the only team in baseball that can claim what?

a. a Perfect playoff record

b. an undefeated season

c. To have won over 100 Golden Gloves

d. That they invented the Internet


Answers: 1. a. Rene Lachemann; 2. b. April 5, 1993; 3. c. Jeff Conine; 4. b. Al Leiter; 5. b. Craig Counsell; 6. a. a Fire Sale; 7. b. Lose 100 games after winning the World Series; 8. c. The New York Yankees; 9. b. Josh Beckett; 10. a. a Perfect playoff record.


See how you did:


9-10 correct: Wow. You know the Marlins like the back of your fin, er, hand.


6-8 correct: So you might not catch a Marlin, but you are definitely worthy of a few bites.


3-5 correct: Don’t feel too bad, maybe you just aren’t Marlin material. Luckly, there are other fish in the sea.


Less than 3: Hopefully your lack of Marlin’s knowledge won’t leave you sleeping with the fishes.