Find a Club that’s Right for You

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Find a Club that’s Right for You
There are so many different types of clubs in Miami, it can be very easy to wander into one that is not only not what you were looking for, but actively unpleasant. If you don’t know what you are getting into by going into a certain club, you might well end the night disappointed (having paid a sizeable sum for the privilege of being disappointed in a particular establishment). For example, if you went out looking for a laid back atmosphere where you could sit with your friends, have a few drinks, discuss Schopenhauer, and coolly engage members of the opposite sex in conversation, a noisy, high energy establishment full of patrons that seem to either eye you as a potential rival or prey would not be what you are looking for, and unfortunately, the nature of a club isn’t always clear until after you’ve paid the cover. For this reason, if you feel like something in particular (or more importantly, if you don’t feel like something in particular), it’s a good idea to do a little research before you head out (like, for instance, reading this article).
The problems with trying to classify clubs are several-fold. First and foremost, depending on the night (as I’m sure you know), clubs can be either hopping or dead. Secondly, even if you break down the overall ambiance or a club into either “high-energy” or “low-key,” There are many that fall in the middle of the spectrum. In spite of these difficulties, I think it’s quite possible to get a general idea across in print. I will recommend a few clubs that I find to be high energy and exciting, as well as a few that are pleasingly laid back.
Generally speaking, the clubs of South Beach are going to be higher-energy than those of other parts of Miami. For a heaping helping of thumping bass and scantily-clad party-goers, I would recommend Crobar (it’s under renovation right now, but will be open again towards the end of 2006), or, if you want to get started in the early afternoon, Nikki Beach. Both of the classic South Beach destinations are always packed to the brim, and can be a fantastic time if it’s what you’re in the mood for.
As far as lower excitement clubs, my favorite is the Oxygen Lounge in Coconut Grove. It’s part restaurant and part nightclub, and has a subdued atmosphere while still being fun. The sushi is great, the dancing is great – what’s not to like? Another decidedly less intense nightclub (though still located on Miami Beach) is the Purdy Lounge. This is one of my favorites – the ambiance features comfortable couches and a wide variety of music. The drinks are stiff and there’s no cover (at least when I seem to go). Purdy is a great spot.
Often, the best way to get to a middle ground between high-energy and low-key is to places that are outside of Miami proper. Ft. Lauderdale has a number of these establishments, including Christopher’s. Christopher’s is aimed towards the 30 and up crowd (they even card to make sure you’re older than 25!) As such, it’s still up tempo, but not nearly as overwhelming as clubs on South Beach.
Hopefully you now have some ideas about how best to tailor your nightlife experience to how you are feeling. As always, good luck, and good eating/drinking/dancing/debauchery.