Dolphin Stadium Limos

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Limos and Football Games
By Nick Jurkowski
With the Dolphins doing so poorly, I’ve taken the opportunity to get up and look at the stadium during recent games, and it’s really an impressive edifice. There are really very few sports venues in the nation that are equally well equipped to host both major league baseball and professional football games, and Dolphins Stadium do both jobs admirably (as well as being a great venue for concerts and other major events). There really aren’t any bad seats in the stadium (even the cheap ones), and though I’ve been dissatisfied plenty of times as I was leaving, it’s never been because of the stadium. Dolphins Stadium also hosts the Orange Bowl, as any Florida sports-fan knows.
Whether you’re headed to Dolphins Stadium to see the Dolphins, Marlins, Orange Bowl, or a concert, you should always consider heading there in a limousine from Mirage. While the stadium is great, the parking situation can be downright abysmal, and it’s always a trial to have to negotiate a parking lot full of drunken yahoos after watching your team lose. A limousine limits all of the aforementioned unpleasantness, and even makes the drive to and from the stadium as enjoyable (in some cases, much more enjoyable) than the game itself (especially if the team is the Dolphins).
Picture this scenario: you get tickets to a Dolphins game (at this point, they are paying people to take them), and so, rather than brave the crowds on the way to the stadium, you and your friends go in on a limo from Mirage. You don’t have to worry about parking fees or crowds, and, as an added bonus, the limousine is AWESOME. Depending on the model, you’ll be looking at multiple flat screen TVs, huge sound systems, and full wet bar areas. Let Mirage enhance your trip to Dolphins Stadium on your way to the next game.