Disney World: How much do you Know about it?

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Disney World: How much do you Know about it?


by Jennifer Jordan


Disney World, for many of us, is part of our childhood: it is the ideal vacation. Filled with characters, magic, and rides sparing no detail, just the name “Disney” invokes memories of being young. During this youth, we don’t really know that much about Disney World, other than where to get in line for Space Mountain. But, as adults, we often pride ourselves on knowing the facts and the trivia. So, how much do you really know about the Walt Disney World Resort? You might not know quite as much as you think. Take our quiz to find out.


1. What year did construction of Disney World begin?

a. 1987

b. 1967

c. 1975

d. 1959


2. When Disney World opened, it employed approximately 5,500 employees. Today, roughly how many people are employed?

a. 25,000

b. 78,000

c. 32,000

d. 58,000


3. Many of the Disney World and Disneyland attractions originally debuted somewhere else? Where?

a. a Russian museum

b. the 1964/1965 World’s Fair

c. an amusement park in India

d. a circus in Japan


4. Roy Disney was the older brother of Walt. Upon Walt’s death, Roy took the reigns in seeing his brother’s dreams come true. Unfortunately, he died five years after Walt. How did Roy die?

a. a pneumonia

b. brain cancer

c. heart disease

d. the hanta virus


5. EPCOT, according to Walt Disney’s dream, was originally supposed to be what?

a. the largest amusement park in the world

b. a museum of technology

c. a city

d. a military-themed park


6. Walt Disney holds the record for having won the most what?

a. Lifetime achievement awards

b. Law suits

c. Grammy’s

d. Academy Awards


7. The ride Body Wars, at the Wonders of Life pavilion in EPCOT, features what actress playing Dr. Cynthia Lair?

a. Elisabeth Shue

b. Julia Roberts

c. Ellen Degeneres

d. Cameron Diaz


8. What does EPCOT stand for?

a. Every Person Come Out Thankful

b. Experimenting People Counting on Technology

c. Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

d. It doesn’t stand for anything


9. How much land did Walt Disney originally purchase to build the Walt Disney World resort?

a. 10,000 acres

b. 15,450 acres

c. 21,500 acres

d. 27,800 acres


10. The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Disney-MGM studios features the music of whom?

a. The Eagles

b. Debbie Gibson

c. Justin Timberlake

c. Aerosmith


Answers: 1. b. 1967; 2. d. 58,000; 3. b. the 1964/1965 World’s Fair; 4. b. brain cancer; 5. c. a city; 6. d. Academy Awards; 7. a. Elisabeth Shue; 8. c. Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow; 9. d. 27,800 acres; 10. d. Aerosmith.


See how you did:


9-10 correct: You know more about the Walt Disney World resort than Mickey himself. You are a true Mouseketeer.


6-8 correct: You know more than most people, but still, you’re kind of goofy.


3-5 correct: You need to learn more before your next Disney World trip. No mouse ears for you.


Less than 3 correct: Hmm……maybe you’re more of a Warner Brother’s fan?