Best Happy Hour Locations Miami

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Best Happy Hour Locations Miami
By Nick Jurkowski
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In a city where it is commonplace to pay $10 a drink for cocktails, finding a good happy hour is often the only way you can be a successful drunkard in Miami without taking out a second mortgage. The nature and length of happy hours in Miami are as varied in character as the establishments themselves, but they all have a common bottom line: they allow you to have more drinks for less money – and that makes all the difference.
Depending on the types of places you want to go, you’ll have an easier time finding happy hours. Places like the Tavern in the Grove (famous for some of the cheapest drinks in Miami) offer nightly happy hours – for the Tavern in the Grove this means 3:00pm-8:00pm. These are great places to go for a cheap drink, but often, you feel like going to somewhere a bit more upscale (while still having a drink that is relatively cheap). The upscale bars that you find in Miami will generally offer very limited happy hours, if they offer them at all. Therefore, if you want to enjoy happy hours at classy-type joints, you’ll need to have a list of what places have happy hour when. Lucky for you, that’s what this article is all about.
The Ivy Aventura Restaurant and Lounge is a nice, upscale place with good drinks that offers happy hour Monday-Friday from 4:00pm-7:00pm. Though it’s in Aventura, the ambiance is much like what you would find in South Beach, and is well worth the trip, especially when you can’t find a better happy hour to get to. Other Monday happy hours of note include The Press Room, a nice South Beach restaurant/bar that has 2 for 1 well drinks from 5pm – 7pm.
Flavour in Coconut Grove offers 2 for 1 drink specials 6pm to 10pm Tuesday through Friday. Flavour is a popular bar/nightclub that has decent drinks and a fun, laid back atmosphere. Not everyone feels like going to a club on Tuesday night, but, then again, not everyone feels like drinking either.
Tapas Y Tintos has 2 for 1 drink specials from 7pm – 10pm. This place has some of the best tapas outside of Spain, so it’s well worth having a bit of food while you’re there.
The Veranda Bar in the Palms South Beach has 2 for 1 drink specials every Thursday from 5pm – 8pm. The cocktails here are quite good, and it’s a great place overall, so this is a great happy hour to frequent. There’s a dress code in the evenings; no tee shirts and jeans.
The Ultra Lounge (not to be confused with the Angel Ultra Lounge on Miami Beach) features some fine drink specials of Friday evenings from 5pm – 10pm, as well as live R&B music. They also have a Zagat-rated chef, so staying for dinner is advised as well.
Happy hours on Saturday are markedly more difficult to find than on most other days of the week. Ted’s Hideaway is one of the only places on South Beach that seems to offer one. Ted’s is an interesting place – it seems like a locals’ bar in a place that doesn’t seem like it should have one. This is definitely not an upscale club, but it’s great all the same. Ted’s has happy hours twice daily from noon-7pm and again from 1am-3am.
Happy hour? On a Sunday? While it is difficult to find a happy hour on Sunday, it is not impossible. My favorite is cocktails at the Waldorf Hotel – they offer 2 for 1 specials from 12 noon to 9pm. There’s no better way to gear up for the coming week than by downing cocktails in a hotel bar.
This was a small smattering of some of my favorite Miami area happy hours. Try them out, find your own, and hopefully somebody can give us all a ride home.
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