All You can Heat, er, Eat

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All You can Heat, er, Eat


by Jennifer Jordan


There is nothing quite as satisfying as watching a live basketball game while feasting on a steaming hot dog, munching some cheesy nachos, or sipping an ice cold soda. But, unfortunately for basketball fans, arena food doesn’t come cheap. Cast from the same mold as the concession stand at the movie theater, food at a sports venue can cost you an arm, a leg, and your first born.


That is, if you’re watching a game in any place but Miami.


The Miami Heat have answered the prayers of the proud, the loud, the hungry: they have merged the concept of a never ending buffet with the concept of a court for an all you can eat basketball sensation.


The 2007 to 2008 season marks the 20th anniversary of the Miami Heat and to celebrate this special occasion certain seats at certain home games have been reserved for those who come hungry and leave happy and bloated. The home games against the Milwaukee Bucks, the Chicago Bulls, the Portland Trailblazers and the Indiana Pacers will all feature a selection of seats located on the west side of the 400 level. For forty five dollars a ticket, patrons will be able to eat, drink, and be merry time and time again.


Fans who opt to sit in the all you can east seats are able to receive up to four items with each trip to the concession stand. The trips to the concessions stands are unlimited.


The items available for consumption by all you can eat members include hot dogs, nachos with cheese, small soft drinks, small popcorn, peanuts, and bottled water. Beer and other alcoholic beverages are not included in the all you can eat special, though these drinks can be purchased for their regular fee until the end of the third quarter.


People sitting in all you can eat seats must wear a wristband, which they will be given as means of being identified by arena staff. Those participating must purchase their food from stands on the west side of the 400 level; other concession stands are only for those whose consumption is limited.


Single tickets can’t be purchased for this offer; at least two tickets must be purchased at a time in order to receive the all you can eat benefits. Season ticket owners who have seats located in the all you can eat designated area will be given the option of upgrading for ten dollars a seat. If one seat is upgraded, all seats owned by the season ticket holder must be upgraded as well.


With the Heat plagued by injuries and performing on a less than mediocre level, fans can seek solace in food: forget the fact that Miami’s losing, just pass the nachos.