A Date Gone Wrong

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Have you ever experienced the worst first date? Well even if you had, I have much more, especially for the Valentine’s Day. There were bad things, things that made it hard for me to drive the limo and the things you can not believe someone just did.


I will try to describe them and I will give you a few pointers for what you should not do on the first date.


For example, there was one thing that happened quite often when the limo was rented. The young and restless in the back of my car were doing all sorts of crazy things, enjoying their time in the limo. Now everything was great until they asked me to take them to any hot dog stand in vicinity.


While this seems OK to so many, I know what that could mean for a first date and it just so happened that they were also a victim of a mustard hot dog. If you rent a limo, you will be dressed accordingly, but the male population is not a problem, it is the girl that is inside of the limo that wants to look her best and does not want to ruin anything, especially if it is the first time they are in the limo. So what do you think happened when all those young ladies got mustard on their dresses? Do not eat food that drops parts of ingredients.


The second thing you should not do is the champagne popping inside of the limo, well, only if you truly do not have experience with it. The reason for this is simple, you do not know how many dates ended up going to the hospital instead of the dance or restaurant.


When opening a bottle inside of the limo, you need to know that it is shaken from the ride, even if the ride is smooth and like any other champagne, the pop happens and the champagne cap flies. Since that is not an open space it will go somewhere and by my count, the head is the most likely place someone will get hurt. If you need a better proof of this, just ask the nurses in the hospital. The most serious thing that happened was when the cap hit one girl’s ear, so be careful.


The last tip is for those cases that do not happen so often, but they just find their way into life. The doors. Remember that you are a date for your lady and you are guilty if something happens to her. Do not leave her purse inside of the limo. When that happens, especially on the first date, they are not able to repair their makeup, nor to call home or a friend. Basically they depend on you and they have no trust yet making a date gone wrong from the start, as they will only think about how they would escape the situation if needed.


So think about the food you order, open the campaign out of limo, either when you are standing through the roof or asking for the limo to stop. Also, think about your lady and do not get her dress caught by the doors or her purse left in the limo and you should be clear of disaster.


By: Arnaldo Ricciulli