Are All Limo Companies Licenced?

If cost is a concern, so should common sense be as well. When reserving the limousine of your dreams or the party bus for the sortie of the year, too many people literally surf through dozens of websites looking for the best photo of the vehicle they wish to reserve. Not many people stop to think of what could be happening to their credit card details or their personal information once they filled the little box on the reservation form or once they have given the person on the other end of the line everything he or she asked for. In South Florida there is a significant number of companies which will take your personal data and sell it to the highest bidder. These thieves and fraudsters do not give two hoots whether you are expecting to see the limo of your dreams stop in front of your door next Saturday or whether you’ve invited a dozen friends to join you for your bachelor party – all they want is to sell your financial information for a substantial commission. On the day of the party, or on the night when you want to take your fiancée to her favorite restaurant for her birthday, guess what? That beautiful white Cadillac Escalade ends up to be an old beat-up Excursion or Navigator, and instead of a party bus you’ll end up with a couple of small limos to accommodate your friends. The driver will be very sorry, of course, giving you the famous excuse that the vehicle you wanted or ordered broke down and the one in your driveway is the best they could come up with at the last minute.


And, if you try calling the office to complain, you soon find out the phone has been disconnected recently, or the limo company is not even the same company which took your reservation. No need to go further in your investigation – you’ll lose yourself in a maze of lies and fraudulent dealings.

Perhaps it is necessary at this juncture to tell you that the company who took your details down initially, is probably not licensed, not insured and doesn’t hold the required permits to drive their vehicles through any of the Florida counties.


Just imagine this: you picked a limo based on some gorgeous pictures the company posted online, and you gave your credit card information to an individual who you think is an employee of the enterprise that owns the vehicle you reserved. You did all that based on the beautiful photograph you saw displayed on their website. You did not even bother trying to find out if they’re located in Florida, permitted by each of the counties. Now, what about the driver behind the wheel? Is he licensed? Will you send your son and someone else’s daughter to their prom with a driver who might have a criminal record? Well, based on your record thus far, the answer is yes. Companies that sell your information to other entities do not take the time to regulate these companies, so the chances of you putting your precious cargo in danger, are pretty high.


However, Millenium Limo is a regulated company; we own the vehicles we advertise. We do not display fancy photographs that have been photo-shopped or pictures of limousine in front of ice-capped mountains that do not even exist in Florida – no. You will notice that each of the vehicles have the same background, and not like other companies, you can come and visit our garage any time. Actually, we would love to give you a personal tour of our facility. Nothing dodgy or bogus about Millenium Limo. We are licensed, insured and hold permits allowing us to travel with you and your guests or family anywhere throughout Florida. In the Millenium Limo garage you will not only find brand new limousines to choose from, but also a company that has been around since 2001 with licensed, insured, fully trained, professional drivers. These chauffeurs are not only top of their ranks, but they are extremely knowledgeable – we only hire the best.


You need to trust the person at the wheel, so, give some serious thought before you choose the company who will drive you, your family and or your friends to your next event.


By Arnaldo Ricciulli