10 Passenger Limousine Miami

10 Passenger Limousine Miami


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10 passenger limousine Questions Addressed:


Question: I’ m a baseball coach in the Miami area, and I’d like to take my starting lineup out for a night on the town. As we are only an amateur team we don’ t have that much money to spend. Does Millenium Limo offer any quality 10 passenger limousines?
Answer: We do indeed offer such limousines, and as famous patrons of sport, we are quite happy to oblige (though of course, you need not be involved with sports to take advantage of our fantastic deals on 10 passenger limos. While any of the limousines we offer will comfortably fit 10, we do have some designed specifically with that number (or a number that is fairly close, like 11) in mind.


Question: Could you expound on these particular machines and their respective virtues?
Answer: But of course. Our Lincoln 10 passenger limousine features 2 flat screen TVs, a stereo and CD player, and a wet bar area with sodas, water, and ice. The interior is spacious and comfortable, and will get you to any of the finest destinations Miami has to offer. This particular model is only $50/hour to rent. Millenium Limo also offers 2 different 11 passenger Chrysler 300 model limousines.


Question: And what do these Chrysler limousines offer? How much do they cost?
Answer: These are very nice models. Depending on the model, they are $65-$75/hour. They both offer neon lighting (with fiber optic lights), and wet bar areas. The Lambo edition includes 2 15″ flat screen plasma TVs, and a premier 2500 watt stereo with CD/DVD player. You’ll have a bit of extra room, since these models seat at least 11.


Question: These models all sound great! Do you offer any package deals if I want to take my over to Dolphin Stadium to see the Marlins play?
Answer: As a matter of fact, we do. Our sporting packages rival all others. The Lincoln 10 passenger package is 5 hours for $250, not including the prices of tickets to the actual event. Once you see a Marlins game this way, you won’t ever want to go back to driving yourself.


Question: Thanks so much for your help! I’ll call Millenium Limo today and get my team’s night on Miami started right.
Answer: As that wasn’t a question, I can’t really answer. But you are certainly welcome!
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